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The Perfect Southern-style Greens

Struggling with recreating the perfect greens your Grandma use to make? Don't worry! It's not as hard as you think! Check out Cookielyn's tips below on cooking the perfect GREENS!

Tip#1 - Know your Greens!: Spinach is on the mild end of the spectrum... kale or chard are more bitter

Tip#2 - Blanch them!: Minimize their bitterness by dunking them in salted boiling water for a few seconds and put them quickly into an ice bath

Tip#3 - Go for young!: With kale and collards, the younger the leaf, the more tender the bite

Tip#4 - Clean Greens!: Allow them to sit in cool water, the sand will automatically sink to the bottom

Tip#5 - Go easy on the salt!: Don't over-salt in the beginning, greens absorb more flavor the longer they cook

Tip #6 - All about flavor!: Cook in seasoned water, vegetable or chicken stock

Tip #7 - Bring on the heat!: Use seasoned smoked meat and a little red pepper flakes for heat

Tip #8 - Cook on medium til just tender

Tip #9 - Optional add ins: Hot sauce, Vinegar, Red and Green peppers

Stay tuned for more tips from Cookielyn and Company Catering! Let us satisfy your appetite for southern cuisine! 443-370-3089 @cookielynnco


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