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Head Chef

Marilyn Torney

As a young child, I was given the nickname Cookielyn by my uncle. I never thought that I would still use that name as an adult.  While married to my husband of 28 years I reinvented some phenomenal cookie recipes. Thus, my first step in the food industry began with the creation of Sweet Rounds by Cookielyn.  Accepting the challenge of motherhood to eleven wonderful children (no twins, all by birth), I postponed my cookie business. My desire towards food services never left, but I continued to grow in other disciplines, receiving a Certificate (Howard University, 2010) and a Bachelor’s Degree (Old Dominion University, 2014) in Dental Hygiene with a minor in Public Health.


Throughout the years, I have been able to pursue both of my passions (food services and dental services) by catering numerous events, organizing public health fairs and hosting dental care to the impoverished in the Dominican Republic.  To date, I have had the honor of serving a 20+ tenure as President of the Hospitality Ministry at my church, sponsoring picnics, dinners, retreats and many social gatherings.

God has proven himself mighty over and over in my life and all my success I attribute to Him! My gifts and talents are to be used to bless others and I endeavor to continue to give back to those in need. So Cookielyn is no stranger to serving and providing absolute care for the public.  I am at your service and would love to cater to you!

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