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National Cookie Day

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

December 4th is National Cookie Day!

We know you love to eat them, but what else do you know about our favorite treat?

Check out the History of the Cookie!

Cookie, once called a biscuit, was first originated by taking small bits of cake batter and using it to test oven temperature. Ovens at the time were heated with wooden logs and no thermostat. These little test cakes have evolved into hundreds of varieties today. The first cookies were thought to be baked in Persia (now Iran). With less moisture than cakes, they were excellent for traveling. The "biscuits" went from Southeast Asia, Persia, the Mediterranean and into Europe. Europe had honey as a sweetener, but with sugar and spice trading - it opened the path for the delicacy in Paris. Paris started selling little wafer cakes on their streets in the 14th Century.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018.


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