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Dental Health Month: Did you know...?

In the kitchen, I sincerely believe in preparing the finest and freshest foods to ensure my clients consume the healthiest, tastiest and highest quality cuisines.

Eating healthy and daily healthy living practices are both important. In recognition of Dental Health Awareness Month, I'd like to share a few tips on living healthy in that regard....most importantly the health and well-being of the little ones....the children and their primary (baby) teeth.

There is a common yet risky misconception that no concern is needed for primary "baby" teeth since they are temporary. However, the proper dental care of primary teeth is extremely essential.

Did you know...

1. Primary "baby" teeth hold the spaces for your permanent teeth. Premature loss of primary teeth due to decay can lead to the crowding and misalignment of permanent teeth.

2. Primary teeth aid in the proper speech development of children.

3. Multiple cavities in primary teeth impede learning, diet and can cause social impairment.

4. Poor oral health in children, in more serious cases, can lead to death.

Polish up on your child's brushing habits:

1. Children ages 2 to 7 years old require assistance in brushing.

2. Back teeth accumulate the most plaque because children rarely brush in the rear.

3. Sugar no-no's: sugary drinks, sodas and gummy snacks!

4. Dental check-ups necessary every 6 months (with fluoride treatments).

5. Increase child's water intake and replace water for milk as their bedtime drink.

6. Introduce child to FLOSSING beginning at 5 years of age

7. Check for discoloration/white spots on gums. It's a tell-tale sign of a cavity forming!

Make dental care a routine and introduce early. It will become a habit that will pay off for years to come!


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